Saturday, 20 April 2013

This is my poem:

Spring to Summer my two favourite seasons
Spring has sprung from the cold month of Winter
Sprinkling blossom on the Trees
Blowing away the coldness until it is almost gone

Summer waiting to take over,
Waiting to make Spring jump!
Never learning to be patient,
Uncommonly early, Commonly late,
Disheartened by being sent back
Trudging out when it is called
When it is in it's full glory
It shines a beam a golden beam down to our Earth

But now it is Autumn so I guess I'll have to wait

The First Blog

This is my 1st blog so it will be a bit random: Awesome MI High game

This is all about me so... Here goes

Hi I'm Becky Faulkner                           Year that's me...